Electrical transformers are essential to the proper operation of any business. 

For this reason, you must plan for routine maintenance and inspection to guarantee peak performance and a longer product lifespan. 

Proper maintenance is vital to maintaining equipment in optimal condition, particularly after installing distribution transformers or any other transformer. 

An electrical transformer needs to have several maintenance inspections performed. To make sure your transformers are operating well, it is crucial to remember a few basic maintenance guidelines.

Daily Basis Maintenance Testing and Checking

Three maintenance tests that you should do on your transformer every day are as follows:

  • The MOG oil levels in the main and conservator tank. Always ensure the oil in MOG is poured to the appropriate level.
  • Kindly change the silica gel if its hue turns pink.
  • If there is a discernible oil leak. It is necessary to conduct transformer oil analysis daily.

Monthly Interval Transformer Maintenance

  •  A monthly check of the oil level in the oil cap is required.
  • The silica gel breather’s breathing holes should inspected and cleaned to ensure appropriate breathing action.
  • Verify that the oil in any oil-filled bushing on your electrical transformer is filled to the proper level.

Annual Transformer Maintenance Schedule

  • Every year, inspections are required for the air fans, oil pumps, and other components that lower the temperature of a transformer and control circuit.
  • Using a soft cotton cloth, You should clean your electrical transformers’ bushings every year.
  • An annual inspection of OLTC’s oil condition is necessary. Kindly remove an oil sample from the drain valve and measure the dielectric strength (BDV) and moisture content (PPM). It is necessary to replace the oil if the PPM value is high and the BDV value is low.
  • Every year, the interiors of every marshaling box are guaranteed to be cleaned. Make sure that the space heaters and lighting warmers are operating properly. At least once a year, you should tighten all terminal connections on the control and relay wiring.
  • It is necessary to use an appropriate cleaning agent to clean all the alarms, control switches, relays, and their circuits, in addition to the Control Panel and Remote Tap Changer Control Panel.
  • Inspect each pocket to see if the Oil Temperature Indicator and Winding Temperature Indicator have the appropriate amount of oil, and make sure to top it off if needed.
  •  An annual inspection is required to ensure the Buchholz relay and Press Release Device operate properly.
  • Using a clamp on the earth resistance meter, measure the resistive value of the earth connection and riser once a year.


Techniques for Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a proactive approach to prevent equipment failures and associated costs. Techniques include scheduled maintenance, condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance, and oil reclamation service. Regular inspections, cleaning, and replacement of parts can prevent issues before they occur. Monitoring all equipment for signs of wear and tear allows for timely detection and prompt action.